How to create rich and varied fluffy short hair

How to create rich and varied fluffy short hair is the goal that many people hope to achieve. If you want to experience the visual effect of short bouffant hair, here are a few tips that can help you create beautiful bouffant hair:

First of all, when combing the hair, be careful not to use too much force, otherwise it will reduce the elasticity of the hair and make the hair look tight without fluff. It is recommended to use a soft toothbrush or comb your hair. Comb your hair from the roots and distribute it naturally along the hair texture, which can help you achieve a more fluffy effect.

Second, choose a shampoo that suits your hair type when washing your hair. If your hair is too dry, you should use nourishing shampoo, which can well supplement hair nutrition; if your hair is too greasy, you should use oil-removing shampoo, which can effectively reduce scalp oil secretion and make hair more fluffy.

Finally, using a blow dryer and styling products tailored to your hair type can give your short locks volume, volume and variety. Be careful with the hair dryer, too much wind and heat will make the hair brittle, and pay attention to the distance, try to keep a certain distance from the hair, otherwise it will cause hair stiffness. In addition, when using styling products, you must be careful, flexible in the amount and hold, and do not use too much product, so that the hair will look unnatural.

Many people want to have thick and shaggy short hair, but they can only stay away due to the lack of proper grooming knowledge. Faced with many hair processing skills and difficulties, here are a few ways to have rich and varied fluffy short hair:

The first step is to use professional products for care, giving priority to shampoo, hair conditioner, hair mask and other products. Choosing branded hair care products that contain nutrients can make hair more elastic, fluffy and thicker.

The second step is to apply hair oil reasonably. After shampooing, use hair oil to help control oil and control hair that is too thick. Whether it is a pomade or a paste, it can open up the hair and make the roots more elastic.

The third step is to pay attention when drying the hair, separate the hair and dry it with a blower. Avoid using high heat, too high a temperature will dry the hair, making the hair too dry and reducing the formation of hair.

The fourth step, finally, let the hair get a layer of pomade. The role of hair wax is mainly to make fluffy short hair more elastic. Applying a layer of pomade not only makes the hair more elastic but also strengthens its toughness, adding luster to the hair care.

The above are the tips on how to create rich and varied fluffy short hair. I hope you can create beautiful short hair through the above methods and release your beautiful soul!
The above are a few tips for creating fluffy short hair. As long as you stick to the above steps, you can create the rich short hair you dream of. I hope you can create the most beautiful fluffy short hair that matches your face shape, and show your beauty and uniqueness!

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